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Yadaweya is an online marketplace that serves as  a  platform for those interested in discovering Egypt and its cultural heritage. Yadaweya aims to connect ( offline ) local Egyptian artisans with (online) customers worldwide.  Yadaweya's story begins with a team of young Egyptian entrepreneurs passionate about the diverse handicrafts & handmade treasures of Egyptian artisans.

Yadaweya is not just an online handicrafts marketplace but it also serves as a platform for sharing stories about artisans with customers who value & appreciate the uniqueness of these traditional crafts. Yadaweya aims to contribute to building a platform that helps sustain Egyptian craftsmanship, in a time and place where our skilled artisan partners lack the opportunities for stable marketing and a consistent income stream.

 The purpose of is to create a revolutionary mechanism through which the artists & artisans in Egypt can display their fine works to a global audience of prospective customers. does not charge artists any fees for listing their items on the website. We encourage our customers to send us feedback and comments in order for us to ensure the development of our crafts and help the craftsmen innovate and develop in the best way possible. 

Our business model based on commission in sales, out target market include Egyptian,Expats, tourists, Gulf countries in addition for the USA and EU markets


Investment Rounds

  • Date September, 2012 | Type Seed | Source flat6labs