Got a Startup? Add it!


Happouts is a social platform for all event lovers to gather up in cyberspace and search, share, and create events all over the world. This Global network serves as a platform for what's happening now, all the while allowing you to filter your interests to get the options that fit your personality the most. You can be a user, craving for some events or a creator hoping to get your event across to as many people as you want, or as little as you want. This network is for you, for me and basically for anyone that leaves the house.

Users sign up for free and filter their likes and dislikes. They can edit their interests so that the network will suggest events that are appealing to every individual user.

They also get to create their own own profile, connect with people they know or strangers who share similar interests as them.

Every user gets the opportunity to search events worldwide, get complete information and even buy tickets online. They can also invite their friends to go to an event that catches their eyes by sharing the news with them on the network.

Users also get the chance to create their own events.

Also, due to our advanced filtering options, users will receive a notification when an event that matches their interests or the country they live in is available.

Happouts gives you total control over who sees your event. Also, they will get notified when they've been invited to an event

[Screenshots available contain a fresh new lifted website/mobile app which is coming soon and also contain the old Happouts website/mobile]