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During our many hours of commuting in Egypt every day we tend to see lots of traffic violations (mokhalfa) that really makes us agitated, but unfortunately you can’t do anything about it because either you are busy, don’t want to create a traffic jam or even afraid from the other drivers response. On the other hand organizations having their own vehicles/fleets would like to know their drivers conduct on the streets but they can’t monitor them all the time. Vehicle monitoring systems can provide tracking information as well as information about speed, fuel consumption, RPM, etc. but not about driving practices and street etiquette. Drivers’ violations can cause injuries or even death of passengers in the vehicle, loss of money by destroying their cargo or at the very least might damage the company’s perception by its customer.   Companies already realize the problem, some companies acted by providing a hot line and a representative to receive complains from fellow motorists concerning their vehicles but many companies can’t afford such expense of getting a short number and assigning an employee time. Also many multi-national corporations include this as a part of their safety/social responsibility practices across all their local branches. The cost requirements for these can be even higher.

Egypt accidents rates are 30 times higher than European countries and roughly 3 times higher than countries in the middle east and this resulted in 2010 to more than 24,000 accidents, 7000 deaths and 36,000 injuries, our target is to create means of delivering community pressure to their fellow drivers to enhance their driving conduct and thus helping the community to safer roads and make driving in a Egypt a pleasant experience.

Emokhalfa is a crowdsourcing platform that will tackle this problem. The platform consists of two main parts. The first part is for users to be able to report traffic violations using the plate number and search for vehicle reports. The second part is for premium members who subscribed to our services with a very small yearly fee. The subscription will entitle them our full service where we act as the receiver of the incidents on their registered vehicles and we immediately notify them about such complains. Companies will receive a sticker per vehicle which will include instructions for fellow motorists on how to report violations. Members will have access to a comprehensive reporting system that will show them different types of reports and they will be able to respond to the complainer. In addition, eMokhalfa platform will contain articles and videos explaining safe driving tips.

Methods of reporting an eMokhalfa are: Website, Hotline, Mobile App and Facebook App


  1. Users will have an easy means to report the violations and make a difference

  2. Users can check for violations on their cars reported by fellow motorists and learn what do they do wrong and thus can improve their driving

  3. When hiring a new driver, you can validate his conduct by searching for his previous vehicle numbers

  4. Companies will have means to monitor their drivers conduct and tell them what they do wrong.

  5. Companies will have means of improving their transportation services.

  6. Companies will minimize the number of accidents caused by their drivers.

  7. Parent will monitor their children means of transport (school bus or private vehicle)

  8. People will monitor their hired drivers performance.

  9. Drivers will drive more safely knowing that they are monitored all the time

  10. Companies and Families will monitor their drivers harassment reports.