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The Problem

It is very difficult to design websites content and pages with rich text editor. Sites become expensive and hard to manage although you are using content management system.

Solution and Product

ShortPoint simplifies designing sites with a simple system of user friendly shortcodes we call them ShortPoints.

Simply if you want to add YouTube video for example, just type [YouTube] directly in page rich text editor. Press save and a youtube video player will appear. Thats it!

40 ShortPoints are ready now to enhance websites look and feel with new collection every month. like: Slideshow, animation, notes and much more.

If You find typing complicated. Drag-Drop using ShortPoint Inserter

You can also create your own from the browser or development APIs

ShortPoint loves Arabic. Your Arabic website will look as awesome as your english website.


No complex coding, deployments, development tools, HTML, JS, CSS, C# or anything other than using your website rich text editor.

Developers and Designers time on managing websites will be reduced tremendously, results are always awesome and they can spend time on other tasks.

Sites look great for less and stay very easy to manage.

Competition Advantage

The technology of using shortcodes in designing websites content is only available in WordPress (Worlds #1 Content Management Solution) and its widely used.

Mission and Vision

We took the initiative to make this technology easily available to all other platforms, build hundreds of premium design features which can be easy to use by all type of users regardless of their skill level. Also, make Arabic websites look as awesome as english websites.

ShortPoint will help you looks awesome online

Team (6 Awesome Guys)

Sami: Founder and CEO. 30 years old, from Jordan and live in Dubai. Computer Science from Princess Sumaya University for Technology. 8+ Years experience in IT, Web Design and leadership.

Team: Two engineers in Ukraine, Two engineers in Dubai along with senior sales and business development manager.

We know each other very well for so many years and worked together on other projects before. All are founders and willing to continue working on this project with 100% commitment.

Go To Market

The team and myself are innovative and experts in Web User interface, user experience and design with exceptional attention to details. Experts in WordPress as well as Microsoft SharePoint in both technology and business.

Designing sites in Microsoft SharePoint is so complicated for developers and end users, especially for Arabic content. The competition is almost none in this market.

And thats why we are starting with Microsoft SharePoint market.

$50 Billion Microsoft 2014 revenues which relates to sites, SharePoint, cloud and others.

We will enter the market by partnership with IT companies who already have Microsoft SharePoint customers, present ShortPoint in global events and build strategic relation with Microsoft.

Business Model for Microsoft SharePoint Market

  • ShortPoint Forever-FREE for Microsoft SharePoint
  • ShortPoint Premium (799$/SharePoint Site) for Microsoft SharePoint - Include Inserter, Generator, APIs and other features.
  • ShortPoint Support - 230$/SharePoint Site/Year - Include Premium Support, Upgrades, Site Design Audits, Design Guidance and Advices, Websites Look and Feel fixes and tweaks

Business Model for Other Platforms - Starting Year 2

ShortPoint Cloud Subscription (SaaS Business model). Here we will target all platforms including SharePoint, WordPress, Drupal, Sitefinity and others.

Our SaaS business model structure will be finalized based on results we get from the initial market -Microsoft SharePoint. We consider this approach as experiment to make us get closer to our customers and their needs before entering a huge market with strong competitors.


Investment Rounds

  • Date January, 2014 | Type Seed | Source Dubai Silicon Oasis Founders