Got a Startup? Add it!


The Problem

It is very difficult to design websites content and pages with rich text editor. Sites become expensive and hard to manage although you are using content management system.

Solution and Product

ShortPoint simplifies designing sites with a simple system of user friendly shortcodes we call them ShortPoints.

Simply if you want to add YouTube video for example, just type [YouTube] directly in page rich text editor. Press save and a youtube video player will appear. Thats it!

40 ShortPoints are ready now to enhance websites look and feel with new collection every month. like: Slideshow, animation, notes and much more.

If You find typing complicated. Drag-Drop using ShortPoint Inserter

You can also create your own from the browser or development APIs

ShortPoint loves Arabic. Your Arabic website will look as awesome as your english website.


No complex coding, deployments, development tools, HTML, JS, CSS, C# or anything other than using your website rich text editor.

Developers and Designers time on managing websites will be reduced tremendously, results are always awesome and they can spend time on other tasks.

Sites look great for less and stay very easy to manage.


Investment Rounds

  • Date January, 2014 | Type Seed | Source Dubai Silicon Oasis Founders