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The Problem:

Online recruitment is inefficient neither for companies nor applicants. Although that the access-to-talent part of the problem has been solved pretty well, the matching and selecting part of it remains largely unsolved. With the massive number of applicants applying for jobs and the data they provide, recruiters are facing a huge decision dilemma.

The current process is a digitalized version of an old system that hasn't evolve for a long time and still has unnecessary steps. That inefficiency costs companies time and money and costs candidates life changing opportunities.  Most of the decision-making is made according to data provided solely by the candidate, which puts recruiters in a position where a lot of guessing and assumptions are required to move forward. Also, they are left with too many data that doesn't provide much knowledge about the candidates. On the other hand, candidates are struggling in showcasing their skills ,especially soft skills, and the credibility of their claims on their job applications. They need to hard-sell themselves every time they interact with a recruiter or hiring manager.

Our Solution:

Resury is a questions-based social recruitment and referrals platform that helps professionals share their best experiences working with each other and highlight their skills, expertise, and potential.

The crowdsourced profiles by their references and other people in their professional networks are goldmine for recruiters since they provide in-depth and 360 degrees view of the candidate without the need for a lot of work. 

The answers are considered testimonials and recommendations by recruiters since they are generated by a third-party, concise, and specific. They are also good start-points to talk with the reference via our system.

We are providing a unique value for the following reasons:

For Recruiters:

1- A simplified process that saves time.

They can learn much more about candidates without the need to interview. Also, access to references is way easier via our references repository.

2. More credible applications. 

Candidates' applications on Resury contain >50% content generated by other professional in the candidate's network.

For Candidates:

1- They can showcase their intangible skills more easily and without a lot of hard-selling.

2- High chances in getting a job via a referral.

3- Better recognition and positive reputation among other professionals in their networks.