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The personal database genre (software like Microsoft Access and FileMaker Pro) is quite broken. The genre:

- was mostly designed in the 90's and hasn't evolved much and is quite difficult to use for the normal consumer

- is completely missing out on cloud collaboration features 

- Mobile/Tablet versions (if they exist) are very badly designed and are mostly direct ports of their desktop counter-parts

Yet, we beleive the genre enjoys a huge customer base (case in point: Access has been shipping with Office for more than 20 years) and therefore we are building a mobile-first personal database software that tackles the problems above.

Boximize is a structured note-taking app and a personal database that combines:

1) The simplicity and usability of note-taking apps like Evernote

2) The organizational power of personal databases like Access and FileMaker Pro

3) Seamless cloud collaboration capabiliites 

We have released Boximize's MVP on the 14th of May'14 to the app store.


- Boximize has more than 260K downloads (66K MAU)

- Reached top 10 in the US and 29 other countries

- It was featured by Apple as best new productivity app in the US store

- It received very positive reviews by customers on the app store and by a number of leading media sites including AppAdvice, 148Apps, iDownloadBlog, among others