Got a Startup? Add it!


In Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, there is a growing trend of shopping over Social Media, particularly via Instagram and WhatsApp. Although these tools are not designed for shopping and misses important features, yet people are still forced to use them due to the lack of alternative. Therefore Kanoosh was born!

Kanoosh is the first shopper-driven communication platform that help shoppers find products and services without searching. In the same time, we allow business to discover new customers.

Through innovative and appealing business model, we were able to attract more than 100 businesses who are looking for the freshest targeted high-quality leads.

At this stage, we are targeting Saudi retail Market “retail sector sales to be around US$83.3bn in 2011, which is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR of 9.5% over 2011-2016 to reach US$131.2bn” – Al Rajhi Capital Report – 2013. Initially we are focusing on businesses that are:

1. B2C targeting consumers in the GCC

2. Active in Social Media

We are developing growth hacking tactics customized to our business, which will allow us to grow our users base efficiently and effectively.

Kanoosh is re-defining the shopping experience. Our app is so simple that doesn't require ANY social media or marketing experience (unlike the alternatives) which will ensure higher adaptation by end customers in the targeted markets.

Currently, we are discussing an investment round with a Saudi angel investor who is passionate about marketing.