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We are a registered company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the name Direct Orbit for Information Technology, Est. (DO.IT). Our name Direct Orbit comes from a phenomena when a body orbits a planet with perfect synchronous, this is deeply rooted in our philosophy in serving our clients continuously and consistently. We are a company of technologists and doers, early adopters of cutting-edge technology and forward thinking professionals, we are inviting you to join our futuristic vision that will give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace, it’s something you may think you need to do it, but what we are saying it’s something you must do it !

We are a mobile & web development company offering services to businesses from all sizes, by providing different solutions according to the client’s needs, we certainly can deliver by leveraging our extensive knowledge in cutting-edge technologies such as Java, HTML5 and Linux. We are based in Jeddah the dynamic city of Saudi Arabia. 

Currently we are working on an interactive chat app.


Investment Rounds

  • Date January, 2013 | Type Seed | Source SCSB