Got a Startup? Add it!


What is

R7ltk is an online booking platform for tourism trips that Connect tourism volunteers, tourism groups and tourism companies with  prospective clients.

Mostly clients are from all over places in the country, some with no prior experience and some with. Some want to go but afraid of not finding that trips’ accessories.

Plus, the main problem for both clients and trips organizers. 

“ How to collect the fees before the trip date?! ”

So, R7ltk will offer:

- Social section gather all clients together.

- Online booking system. 

- Plus, an online store for trips accessories.

The customer pain

Time consuming.( marketing activities for the groups organizers and tourism companies takes long time Plus when the client want to reserve it took much time to successfully pay the trip fee).

Exertion.(all activities right now depends on offline activity which took plenty of efforts to do).

Expensive fees.(companies and organizers always pay much in during their marketing which get them add those expenses on the actual price to gain revenue and that affect on the customer)

Limited options.(customers right now have a few options during searching for trips and secure online payment  is not included).

Lack of information.(Because of the lack of online marketing at that field in Egypt . Customers faces a big issue when they want to know more about the trips and tourism places).

The solution

All in one place.(The online booking systems already designed to let the customer know more about the place he want to visit, the trip organizers and their history from past customers Plus comparing may trips using one window)

Online process.(it is all online starting from searching for the trip or the place to visit till paying the fees).

Cheap commission. (comparing to other services, paying online and offline does not require much fees to pay )

Search & Compare system.(so easy option for the customers to know more about the trip and to decide if that trip or company suits their desires or not)

Social network.(of course that applies the concept “sharing is caring”, and Arab people loves to talk and talk , sharing their knowledge and experience about that trip and their organizers. Which help them take the right decision).