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Small business owners face challenges that prevents them from utilizing basic back office business applications to their advantage. Some of these problems are:

1. Lack of Knowledge: SMB owners are typically not well versed with information technology. Knowing what solutions are available and how to select from them is a hard exercise to most.

2. High capital investment in on premise IT HW/SW: A modest IT infrastructure is viewed as a high capital investment that many of small business owners can't afford considering the going prices for standard hw/sw stacks; i.e. servers, ERP, network, etc.

3. Operational cost is also a challenge. Capable human resources is hard to find, expensive to maintain and difficult to retain. This is especially made worse by recent Ministry of Labour laws that makes it hard to hire expats when local talent tend not to want to work for SMB which normally do not give competitive offers.

We tried to solve the above by offering SMBs a fully managed and supported local ERP software service (SaaS) that they can subscribe to for a monthly fee. We even established a network of functional experts (ERP Accountants) to provide remote professional services to our customers. This network is called: Small Business Accountants and now has about 520+ accountants across 28 cities in the kingdom. Examples of these professional services include remote book keeping and financial management reporting. 


Investment Rounds

  • Date January, 2013 | Type Seed | Source Founder
  • Date January, 2014 | Type Early Stage | Source Angel Investors