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Digital Egypt

Digital Egypt is a 100% local Egyptian Company that specializes in various fields under the GIS (Geographical Information Systems) umbrella. Founded in 2013, Digital Egypt’s mission is to promote the use of GIS to large enterprises and small businesses, as well as ordinary people. 

Digital Egypt envisions an Egypt where everyone can benefit from the use of Geography. Whether it is determining the best location to open a grocery store, or managing a large fleet of vehicles, the customized solutions from Digital Egypt is scalable to fit a variety of businesses. The company is always committed to continued innovation and working closely with businesses to achieve their objectives and goals. 

Digital Egypt is a partner with ROK Technologies, Charleston, South Carolina, USA. ROK Technologies is the premier provider of GIS Cloud Hosting and Infrastructure services. ROK Technologies has been selected as Supplier of the Year by ESRI, the World’s no. 1 provider of GIS Software.  


Investment Rounds

  • Date January, 2012 | Type Seed | Source ZAS Group