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Best Movie Ratings

Best Movie Ratings –Movie Ratings Aggregated From IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes And More!


Best Movie Ratings is your one stop shop for deciding whether to go for a movie or not and has an easy to use and elegant experience.

Want to know more about the features bundled into Best Movie Ratings? Here are some of the top notch features of Best Movie Ratings -

- View Movie Information (Movie Poster, Actors, Directors, Cast And Crew, Genre, Movie Description, Release Date, Run Time, Rating And Reviews).

- Watch movies smarter by deciding whether to watch a movie or not.

- Search Movies by Title. (Paid Version)

- Watch the trailer of any movie. (Paid Version)

- Share your ratings for any movie on Facebook and Twitter.

- View the Top 25 US Box Office.

- View Aggregated Ratings and Reviews pulled from sources like IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic and others.

- View Ratings given by other Best Movie Ratings users.

- Rate any movie and your rating will be added to the average user’s ratings of the app.

- View the list of the movies that you have rated.

- View Ratings given by the Founder of the Best Movie Ratings App.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Best Movie Ratings right now and stop wasting your time on bad movies!