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Integrated, online, affordable, real-time POS, Accounting and Inventory.

Nazamly is all what a SME needs for organizing its business and making business decisions.

The Business overview page gives a great insight of all what is happening in all the branches of the SME. (BusinessOverview1 and BusinessOverview2 of the Screenshots)

Nazamly is provided with a default Chart of Accounts that is integrated with Customers, Suppliers, Warehouses, Branches and Employees (ChartofAccounts1 and ChartofAccounts2 of the screenshots)

Viewing the balance sheet is just a click away ( BalanceSheet of the screenshots)

The Payables and Receivables are easy and do not need an accountant to use (Cashier of the screenshots)

The POS page is easy and like the rest of the service is integrated with the accounting module. (POS1 and POS2 of the screenshots)

An unlimited number of warehouses can be created free of charge. (Warehouses of the screenshots). A case in point, is that Nazamly does NOT work with average cost but can identify the exact value of the warehouse. You can also control if it works FIFO or LIFO using our unique numbering system which in this case is via the Purchase order number e.g. PO150211/1 (means Purchase order year 2015 month Feburary Number 11 First part) understanding the numbering system gives you control over your stock. The POS sales works by the default FIFO but can be controlled by the sales representative.

Reminders are set for every product in every warehouse seperately and its completely automated during user transactions. Purchase requests are also handled from within the warehouse.

You can create an unlimited number of Branches but the customer of Nazamly pays by branch (Please check our pricing link on

We do not limit the number of transactions in any of the modules (Accounting, POS, Inventory or Purchasing)

Nazamly is created based on RemedyERP Copyright ITIDA Egypt Registration Number 1137 September 2009.

RemedyERP is tested and stable and had been implemented in two factories with 200 users and over 4 million records. It is still in use in those two factories named Salamtex and Salamtex Lace (