Got a Startup? Add it!


Tennra is the world’s first gamified crowdfunding platform that enables entrepreneurs to raise money from large numbers of people (the “crowd”) and from sponsors. Tennra showcases projects on its platform to potential sponsors, who harness the power of the projects’ and Tennra’s networks to reach their target audience. The vehicle Tennra uses to highlight a sponsor’s identity is through innovative, embedded-branding games.

In order for an entrepreneur to get funded, they must reach their target funding goal from the crowd, and a target number of players of the branded game.

Through Tennra:

1) Sponsors connect with their audience through organic outreach and highly engaging games.

2) Individuals can support projects by both paying money in exchange for the project’s rewards, and by playing games to unlock sponsored funds.

3) Entrepreneurs can raise more money to make their projects a success.

Tennra is all about innovation. The name Tennra is a new creation, meaning innovation itself.