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Swappaholics is a social swapping platform that empowers individuals and businesses to connect and exchange products, skills and services. 

Modeled after the famous barter trade system, the platform as a service bridges the financial divide between individuals, eliminating money as a trade tool and equipping swappers to use resources such as skills and products to trade. Products are swapped based on valuation, and goods of equal value are swapped seamlessly. Goods of unequal value are topped up either with a cash differential or another product to make up.

Freelancers and skilled professionals can also swap skills as a payment for service rendered and a classical example being a graphic designer, designing complimentary cards for a legal professional in exchange for some legal advice. 

Businesses can also swap excess inventory they have no use for, with other businesses for a service. 


Investment Rounds

  • Date August, 2015 | Type Seed | Source Turn8