Got a Startup? Add it!


DynAdmic created a unique way for brands to connect to their audience. It takes a simple and straightforward approach, laying out all the basics of targeting : personalized video ads. The right ad to the right person at the right moment !

 We use our exclusive real time contextual/targeting solution to sell highly targetable premium video ad space to the world’s largest brands and agencies.

Irrelevance is one of the main reasons video ads get skipped. By placing your preroll before relevant content, you are sure to engage consumers at the right stage in their day.

DynAdmic aggregates premium and specific video ad placements across almost all video ad networks and ad exchanges including Top 500 websites or Apps. Now brands can easily reach niches a scale.

Our brand safety solution gives greater control over where the ads are running, by going beyond URLs and pages to make sure the video content itself is brand-safe too.
Fear no more. DynAdmic prevents your campaigns from being displayed next to harmful written and video content.

We have many more targeting options such as Weather Targeting, TV Sync (launches your pre-roll online whenever your ad appears on TV), Retargeting, Language spoken in the video, Geolocation, and much more.