Got a Startup? Add it!


It’s getting really tiring trying to decode what people mean with the things they post online. We bet you've spent a lot of time analyzing what your crush means by that music video they shared, or how your over-the-seas friend is really doing. Fortunately with Whatshudoin, that’s all about to change: It’s the new moody space for sharing actual human feelings, and what’s happening every moment. It might be cool enough to get notified about someone's mood when they’re close to your location, but we can’t stop there! Here’s more of what you can do with Whatshudoin: •Ask your friends Whatshudoin, get the moody replies from your friends and people from the world •Share your mood along the day, with friends, family or random people •Break the ice with strangers with the Ask Whatshudoin button •Join awesome groups or create private groups for you and your friends •Discover who is feeling the same mood as you, try: explore bored mood •Check-in the cool new place in town and share your location •Show your Facebook and Twitter friends what your mood is on your photo or selfie by sharing your doin It’s all easy, just click the + button and get creative with what you share, and hit Ask Whatshudoin on anyone’s profile, you might get the weirdest replies :)