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Swipt is the first loyalty mobile application of its kind in Palestine. It provides small-to-medium sized businesses with a unique approach that ensures that they reach customers, but also builds long lasting relationships that benefit both sides. The system provides insight, social sharing capabilities and reporting on customer activities within the business, which can all be managed by the merchants themselves. The Solution is based on a rewards system, and is available to SMBs within the MENA region. It provides brands with predictable and controllable costs, whilst giving their customers flexibility in being rewarded for actions that serve to increase brand affinity, regardless of the dollar amount they spend. In other words customers earn points for frequenting merchant locations (provided they make a purchase), and add extra points by sharing their activity on social media (checking-in, sharing rewards, and liking merchants Facebook page). As for the predictable and controllable costs, that means the fixed monthly fee merchants pay for the Swipt service.