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Carpool Arabia

Carpool Arabia offers a platform that connect drivers with empty seats to passengers looking for a ride. It's a social and trusted community built on user's feedback and rating. 

Carpool Arabia also provides an online carpooling solution to ease the drudgery of their employees’ daily commute ( But as a service-oriented, value-added SAAS (Software as a Service) business, we go way beyond being just a “technology platform” for our clients. We support and assist our clients in achieving their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) goals by establishing the communication and marketing strategies for the service: emails, employee incentives, flyers, posters... 

Carpooling has many advantages for corporations/organizations: 

• Reduces overall transportation budgets, allowances and parking fees. 

• By respecting the environment with this “green initiative,” companies reinforce their favorable public image. 

• It encourages and improves social relationships among employees. 

Carpooling also has many benefits for their employees: 

• Savings: carpooling reduces the cost of commuting. 

• Comfort: carpooling, with colleagues, alleviates stress, promotes friendship and employees will arrive, at work, more relaxed and mentally stimulated. 

• Fraternity: thanks to carpooling, employees, from different departments, get to know each other and gain a broader knowledge of their company