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Products Of Dead Sea

The business idea is to sell the product of dead sea over the cloud in very professional way by providing each target market with the customization needed to do so.  The power of the idea will be in the execution part, where we will have partners in each market to facilitate and to reduce the cost of shipping to the end consumer not to mention that we will be the first provider who works directly with the end customers targeting Russia and Ukraine at the first step as we have the enough exposure at these regions to do so.  So we’re going to provide each market of our target markets with an e-commerce customized to serve their needs in a very professional way by targeting the end consumers in our marketing campaign and by region.  According to our research the main providers in our region still working at Business-to-business (B2B) approach rather than the retail approach (B2C) including our provider, our main focus will be in the mass retail by targeting the end customer to use our products so it’s a retail approach