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Mohami Moyassir

Mohami Moyassir, MoMo, is a Software as a Service, Saas to manage law firms; MoMo aspiration is to assist law firms in their daily work by integrating the use of software in their cabinet.

the business model consists of commercializing monthly subscriptions to MoMo, the online platform that the founders conceived and developed based on real client’s requirement.  “Mohami Moyassir, MoMo”, means lawyer easer in Arabic.

Unlike the traditional software that needs to be installed on the pc and cannot be accessed anytime from anywhere, MoMo  is available on the go 24/7/365. These guarantees to the user complete mobility. Besides, the monthly fees are very rational considering the services offered (maintenance, upgrade, backups…). Moreover, the data are always securely stored in our servers; there is no risk of losing them if the computer crashes or in case of disasters (fires…).  The software is available in Arabic and French, we are planning to provide an English version soon, so that we can reach larger number of users.

All what the lawyers need to manage their daily tedious and recurring tasks in an easy and up to date way is to buy monthly subscriptions to MoMo.  The service guarantee to the user mobility since the access is tied to the individual not the computer, low cost of entry and lower total cost of ownership, Simple and secure management system.