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The Real Life Like

We will make Social Media Advertising Company; Implement Like Pillars in public exhibitions and fairs like Motor Show, IT, Art, Books..... Each visitor will have a card with a unique number, put this number in a Facebook app and this card will link to the Facebook account. Visitors were able to instantly share their favorite products with the Facebook friends in exciting and fun way. In our prototype, we make 2 stations The First was the like Pillar and connected to the pan cooridinator wirelessly and the power supply is a battery so no cord connected to it and it works like a charm. The second is a camera station and it capture a picture after a quick scan of RFID card and plce the picture automatically in the facebook wall, if the Screen is a touch Screen so you can tag yourself in the picture and then it will upload automatically in the Facebook wall. We develop our project to be more exciting and more stable.