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Geolocation services for the salesforce, on top of a complete mobile CRM

-Salespoint provides geolocation services for the salesforce on top of a complete mobile CRM package. Take advantage of the mobile revolution for sales CRM systems and use features that are simply not possible with older systems from the PC era.

Location based features include:
- nearby company notification: get an alert on your mobile device when a prospect or client is near. This geofencing solution is great for efficient daily routes and cold calls.
- automatic visit check-in: no more forgotten meeting notes and lost appointments. Salespoint keeps track of visits and provides visit reports automatically.
- automatic route-planning: see the optimal route between appointments.
On top of the location based services, Salespoint provides a superb mobile CRM with:
- a great mobile-first design and full offline functionality. Work without connection from your car, the clients' site or anywhere else.
- a fully featured web version and seamless syncing between the App and your Desktop. Back up all your data and keep it safe automatically.
- data sharing: share accounts and opportunities with teams and keep each other up-to-date.
- reporting: choose from more than 200 reports with one click. Keep perfect tabs on your sales results and team performance.
- integration: integrate Salespoint with the Apps you already love and use such as Gmail,, Linkedin, Slack etc.
- and much more: user permissions, order taking, document attachments etc.

Salespoint delivers everything you need in a mobile CRM without overloading and confusing users with unnecessary features.

Salespoint Lite is completely FREE and a solid solution for many small businesses. Corporate users can upgrated to the Standard and Enterprise solutions for added features and resources.

Why is Salespoint CRM great?
- groundbreaking geolocation services for sales
- mobile-first design
- works offline
- two-way sync and data back-up
- integrate with top applications
- complete and easy reporting
- fully featured free version
“Our Salesreps are delighted, maintaining the CRM has never been this easy.”
Joris Siroo
CEO – Colt Telecom
“Salespoint has quickly become an indispensable part of my daily job. I can’t imagine working without it.” 
Reindert Arends
Account Manager– Philips Lighting

“The amount and type of data I have available with Salespoint is simply amazing.” 
Leon Bouma
Director – Canon Business Center

Download the free version and try Salespoint today!