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There is a huge shortage of Arabic content and trusted healthcare content over the internet and smartphone devices. Also there is no free Electronic Medical Record (EMR) available in the market that connects pregnant women with their doctors. Arab women culturally feel shy to ask about stuff related to their pregnancy and doctors do not have enough time to educate their patients, many wrong practices by the inexperienced women (pregnant) result in health problem during their pregnancy and in many cases, it results in loss of their fetus. Hence, we introduce, GraviLog!


GraviLog is of two components:

First part: an interactive medical and healthcare App for pregnant women (New couples) on Smartphone.

Bilingual (En/Ar) App, available on the App store and can be downloaded for free. Once downloaded, it asks the user (pregnant) to register (using Facebook or email), then it starts creating the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for pregnant by answering few questions. App was medically designed under full supervision of doctors working at Harvard University hospitals in USA, while the development itself, took place in Palestine and by Palestinian developers. GraviLog provides pregnant woman with all her needs during her pregnancy journey, like healthy tips and instructions to avoid pregnancy complications and help her to have an easy pregnancy and safe birth. App includes few trackers to monitor pregnant’s health as well as her fetus health. It also gives her auto reminders to do her periodic tests, doctor’s visit, medication intake and others. It enables pregnant woman to get her medical test results right from her Smartphone.

Second part: Electronic pregnant women registration system for Obstetricians/ gynecologists.

It is a web-based computer system that can be used through computers or Smartphone, for free, where doctors can register and start using it immediately. The system enables doctors to create Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for their patients (pregnant women) and add their health status, medical test results and ultrasound. The system is fully secured using SSL and all transactions are encrypted to ensure security and user privacy. Integrating both the App and the EMR, enables the doctor to monitor pregnant health and her fetus health without any additional hardware (using the tools and trackers).

Impact of GraviLog:

Reduce infant mortality and decrease frequency of cesarean births.

Generate awareness and credibility of app. Introduce Mass. Medicine to 380 million new clients in the Arab world. Avoid pregnant women pregnancy complications, the undesired symptoms or reduce its side effects. Create a credible source of healthcare content for pregnant (the main pillar of a family), help in having an easy pregnancy and safe birth. GraviLog connect pregnant women with their doctor where they can interact for better and healthy life.

We did a survey with GraviLog users and we got the below exciting results:

92% said GraviLog has helped them during their pregnancy. 71% answered GraviLog had a positive impact in their health or their fetus health. 74% confirmed that GraviLog helped them to avoid some of pregnancy complications and undesired symptoms. 96% will recommend GraviLog to other pregnant women. We are so pleased with this result, as we could do something to help our pregnant women and our mothers those who brought us to life, those who suffered and suffering for us!

GraviLog is used by thousands of pregnant women across the Arab and foreign countries and by hospitals and doctors in Palestine, KSA, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, USA, EU.