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Incorporated in 2014, noongam is a regional digital company that currently operates from the UAE and Egypt, with substantial coverage of the entire Arab region.

The focus of the company is to build the regional comic art ecosystem and successfully monetise it mainly through digital magazines offered via apps and the Internet.

 In fact, the title “Noongam” is “Magnoon” spelled backwards with Magnoon representing the core magazine app of the digital business.

 Noongam caters to arabic speaking young adults, comic fans as well as regional artist with a strong social media edge to ensure maximum engagement and attraction.

Our first product, Magnoon Magazine application is the world’s first Arabic digital comic magazine app. It aims at offering humor, wit and satire through its various cartoon characters to its target market: Arabic-speaking young adults and adults, alike. Each monthly issue of Magnoon features new, creative parodies of pop culture, movies, television shows, politics, sports and more.

  • Our target market primarily constitutes youth and young adults aged between 15 and 38 years
  • Youth represent the highest population in the MENA region as well as the fastest growing segment
  • Over 60% of the total population in the Middle East speak Arabic
  • This age group benefits from the greatest access to the Internet
  • Young adults are the biggest early adopters
  • Youth are always on the lookout for fresh visual content