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Mapptivate Technologies

Mapptivate - Your social travel companion

Mapptivate is your new social travel app that lets you connect with your contacts on your worldwide travels.

The app lets you:
• Find whom of your contacts is in the same country or city as you are
• Discover and Connect with friends when you’re traveling
• Notify your contacts that you just landed in a new country
• Protect your privacy when you want to

- Have you ever visited a city, only to learn later on that one of your friends was also there?
- How many messages or phone calls have you ever had to make to reassure your loved ones that you just landed safely back home?
- Have you ever set a status on your social media channels, asking who of your contacts would be in the city where you will be heading?

Mapptivate is the most practical app for local and international travelers; it allows you to find and connect with your contacts by syncing with your address book.
Mapptivate saves you precious time by allowing you to discover & connect with your friends when you’re on the move with one simple click.

You may find more info on our website