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Maharah Company


Maharah is a leading Mobile Application that can help you to book your maintenance services and civil works in less than a minute.

All what you need is to submit a request through the Mobile Application for the job you want to be done in your home or office, and will connect you with qualified (Maher) from trusted local professionals. We use technology to deliver high-quality Mahers to save you time and money.

Our services

·   Electricity

·   Painting

·   Plumbing

·   A/C

·   Carpentry

·   Ceiling

·   Glass & Aluminium

·   Flooring

·   Swimming Pool

·   Plastering

Our Values

1- Fair Price

With our incredible system, you will have a clear visibility for the price of your request. Using a rate card that contains prices and descriptions for the various requests is something will help you to obtain a peace of mind.

2- Convenient Time

Sit back and relax, Maher will show at scheduled time to do the job.

3- Quality of Service

Through Maharah qualification process, we ensure providing professional Mahers to serve our customers. In additional to that, rating and feedback from customer will enhance the quality of services.

MAHARAH will reinvent the way of maintenance services and civil works in the region …. Will strive for simplicity and raise the standards. Innovation is part of our DNA! 


Investment Rounds

  • Date January, 2015 | Type Seed | Source Qotuf AlRiyadah