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Stationery Inc

Stationery, Inc provides a convenient, online shopping experience for students, bringing families together and helping businesses achieve their goals. 

Stationary, Inc is an e-commerce supplier of school and office supplies that provides one-stop shopping for consumers and businesses in the region. Currently, school and office supplies are only available through "brick and mortar" stores, making shopping a hassle for students when supplies run out or when a store doesn't have a required item. For small businesses, cost is a big factor as they can be charged up to a 15% premium by retail stores.

Stationary, Inc eliminates these concerns by offering a wide variety of supplies from different brands, less expensively and more conveniently than local retail stores. Customers, including school children, university students and SMEs, can choose from more than 60,000 items on the website, making it the largest online vendor of office supplies in the region. The result for customers is convenience, availability, accessibility and cost reduction. 


Investment Rounds

  • Date January, 2014 | Type Seed | Source i360 Accelerator 30K$
  • Date April, 2015 | Type Seed | Source i360 Accelerator 20K$
  • Date September, 2015 | Type Seed | Source Angel Investors 180K$