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Grocery To Your Door Step 
The first comprehensive online shopping experience in town has arrived to make life for Cairo’s residents a lot easier. Using a streamlined ordering and delivery process groceries, household goods and other lifestyle essentials, delivers directly to your door. Following the lead of similar ventures worldwide that are carving out a profitable niche for themselves is responding to a need for the same quality service in the local Egyptian market.

Management Profile 
In line with’s policy, all middle- management positions are manned by industry professionals, with both local and international experience, specialized knowledge and the excellent IT skills needed to meet the growing requirements of a dynamic company. 

The Concept has set out to make shopping a pleasure instead of a chore. By applying the latest secure technology along with top quality produce, and the latest products available in the market, aims to bring you all you need in a few precise but easy steps.

The Purchase Process 
Purchasing could not be easier, it can be made either through the website or the mobile application, or alternatively customers can refer to the printed newsletter giving details and then contact the call center directly to place an order. After the order has been placed the cycle begin, call center will make a confirmation call, whereby they can advise the customer if some items are unavailable and suggest any other similar items they may have in stock, or promotion is made.

Straight to Your Door 
Convenient low-cost delivery is carried out within 60 minutes of placing the order using's own innovatively designed tricycle. This has an installed cart which includes refrigeration for foods that may require it, to ensure the quality of the delivered items. 
The benefits do not lie only in the ease of purchase and delivery. Studies have shown that the average household would make at least 1-2 major shopping orders per month, with an extra 4-6 calls to top up on additional items. plans to establish a loyalty program that will include point-redemption, vouchers, gift cards, and special hot offers to reward their loyal customers with additional schedules for frequents orders. An option to help organize life for the house life and keeping the house basic needs in order. Everything is in place to create a strong long-term relationship.