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Dealing with kids has always been a great and exciting endeavor. Even though traditional methods proved to be efficient and are widely used, there is always a space for improvement. This improvement can happen on multiple fronts by relying on technology and scientific methods provided by DaycareChannel. 

DaycareChannel is a complete nursery management system that helps daycare managers streamline and centralize their operations.

Using the Admin Portal, the staff can track online registration, manage employees and kids, plan events, send messages to parents and track all their financials.

At the same time, educators will efficiently log their day to day activities using their custom made app. Daily reports, parent requests, pictures and more are instantly created and sent to the administration for review.

Parents engage with their kids by privately receiving all their kids’ information instantly, including pictures, daily reports, requests, messages and much more. They can be assured as they can manage their kids pick-up and drop-off from the palm of their hands. They also get notified whenever they have invoices to pay and they can pay them using the app.

DaycareChannel is available in three different plans, including a free 30-days trial.

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