Got a Startup? Add it!


Tragging is an RFID solution provider based and operating in Lebanon since January 2014. With a dedicated team and a market solution approach in mind, there are no limits as to the heights the company will reach, working with an advanced technology such as this one. Tragging is now on the rise, offering RFID based solutions to companies in the Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Dubai and KSA.

 We, at Tragging company, believe that Internet Of Things will soon be considerably replacing current technologies in all developed and developing countries. We highly believe that current systems and techniques based on barcode scanning and on using traditional accounting and inventory software will soon disappear and will be substituted with IOT-based technologies. Only few companies are engaged so far in the process of developing hardware and software solutions in this field. For this purpose and for all the reasons we mentioned previously, we decided to create our own startup company Tragging in order to be among the first companies who compete in this domain in Lebanon and Arab countries.