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Launder is an online laundry service that enables its customers to book a time for their laundry to be picked up and dropped off door to door. Launder offers affordable and high quality service with fixed prices and free delivery to improve the customer experience and accessibility. With 30-minutes time window, Launder's customers choose what suits their needs for each pick up and drop-off. After than, Launder picks-up the clothes, get them cleaned, and drop them off as early as the following day. The option will be given to the customers to pay by credit card in-app, or by cash at their doorstep.

Launder operates an asset-free business model. It outsources its logistics to freelance drivers/logistics providers and partners with high quality laundry shops with under-utilized facilities, providing both effortless demand and additional revenue streams. In exchange for this convenience, launder secures wholesale pricing agreements and transfers these savings to its customers.