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Startup School

Startup School is an educational initiative aimed at advancing diverse skills and talents to empower entrepreneurs to transform their ideas and passions into scalable, profitable and sustainable enterprises.

At the earliest stage of an idea, aspiring entrepreneurs usually have some kind of technical background and they have an idea that they want to turn into a business but they neither know which type of training to attend nor how can they link all independent trainings that they attempt at.

 Startup School aims at bridging the gap between ideators (who have great ideas but fall short of effectuating them due to their lack of basic business and entrepreneurial skills as well as lack of knowledge about potential support networks and opportunities) and incubators (who most of the time require a business model/plan or a minimum viable prototype as a pre-requisite).

We design coherent human-centered learning journeys to equip new generations of entrepreneurs with startup knowledge.

Through the journey, we provide ideators with basic entrepreneurial & business tools that they can use through ideation to effectuation.

To design those journeys, we develop a curriculum that combines latest "theory", expert ideas, entrepreneurial struggles and ready-to-use toolkits. All chosen and represented to match the local context of the region. We conduct the facilitation combining design thinking with lean methodology.

Our current offering is a 5-workshops training "How to build a Startup?". The training covers the following topics: the founder mindset, ideation process, product/service development, basics of business planning and execution, and introduction to the ecosystem and needed background and skills to be able to pitch their ideas and apply for different incubators and Startup contests.