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JewelHub is the place for fashion jewelry that host all fashion trends and have a wide and diversified products range.

The market of fashion jewelry is huge and growing due to the fact of fashion sense increase and the high price of gold. so the fashion jewelry is the best way to speak for yourself and it is better than words.

Currently the market is divided into 2 main segments, the high niche segment (very high price, very good quality, well known brand names) but it is not value for money and when it comes to fashion jewelry it make no sense to buy it with price very close to gold. Segment 2 is the low quality, low priced and out of style products that are mainly imported by traders and float the maret with the goods, it is not what the customer want.. it is just the available goods. Here comes our solution to satisfy the need of finding trendy and fashionable products, good designs, good quality and reasonable price. we offer the highly selected range from multiple sources, from designers to factories, and provide the market with the best jewelries every month.. and with a close focus on customer experience. 

we aim to change the fashion jewelry industry in egypt and take it to a whole new level and we have a responsibility to introduce designers to the consumer in an spectacular way.

we work with silver, copper, leather, crystals, beads, alloys.. we have diversified sales channels from website, social media & retail stores. we have been working for over 6 months and already created a customer base with transactions exceeded 60,000 USD

we aim to expand our business locally by 2017 and the arab region by 2020