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"Tourism" is one of the most complicated industry all over the world Because it is intertwined among many tools and job partners ; all of them are totally independent and in the same importance of others .

- We always see websites for hotels booking , others for airlines booking and later on they developed those websites in order to provide both kind of services "hotels and airlines" in one place .

- Currently there are strenuous attempts to integrate some solutions to helps the travel seeker for finding his sightseeing,, same thing for dining and transportations in the travel destination .

- Gentlemen, simply this is what two travel agencies can do " one in the origin, second in travel destination" after solving this puzzle of intertwined factors : hotels, airlines, transportation, visa, guiding, dining, sightseeing, insurance ... etc

- however on business to business basis the travel agencies which controlling more than 45% of the travel industry all over the world until now they have not the effective online solution that makes its various products have the needed presence online ; they have a lack of tools to manage the online productions, unfair advantage against the hotel booking websites and rarity of market insights .

- the above mentioned problem in the online production deployment of the travel agencies affect badly on the customer side “B2C scope” ; customer facing a lot of difficulties when decide to book a trip from the travel agency :

1- how to choose the best places to spend a quality time .           “ 30 million people search for trip packages monthly” 

2- no effective tool to let him updated with the latest offers in the market .        “ 26 travel sites visits prior to booking” 

3- even after the choosing there is a lack of information about the travel destination .    “89 % of customers turn to google or bling to find the informations” 

4- lack of confidence in the quality  Vs the price     “97 % are Swayed by other users reviews to some degree” 

5- when to go where  “best time for this destination”        “Despite shocks Travel is a robust and resilient industry”

6- affordability of everything      “price is the second factor after destination which dominate the holiday decision” 

7- the path of purchase still very complex. 

all of this describe for us the sad fact that over 7 days are wasted from the travel seeker in taking the right decision ( 7 days for each time we decide to travel  = over 250 Wasted days of the lifetime )  


we build The Tourism Platform to provide a bunch of tools, services  and features for every and all  travel makers plus every and all types of customers , all those intertwined services and tools are decoded , rearranged, displayed and systemised  in order to give both sides travel maker and customer the all in one solution for travel issues ,, simply The Tourism Platform is the answer for all travel needs . 

list of the tools and features : 

1. the B2B side : 

1.1  Backend admin for the travel company  to deploy the  various products online in the professional way  targeting the right customer  based on clients search, inquiries, behaviour study and vacations/seasons schedules .

1.2 All in One online booking system : serving all travel makers ( travel company, hotel, airline, restaurant .. ) operate directly from the customer to the producer . 

1.3 payment facilities : integrated with the online booking and accept cash and instalments, international payment, pay pal, bank transfer, cash in delivery and discounted rates 

1.4 loyalty program and discount program : both work directly  between the travel maker and the customer 

1.5 statistics centre : provide the producer/s with the local/global market insights, forecasting services, products comparison and customer statistics , all based on general and privet approach 

1.6 Marketing hub : works dynamically on the published products and targeting the customer based on his behaviour, needs and inquires inside the platform and also spread the products using different channels ..  the social networks , the email campaigns, partner websites, mobile application  SEO engines  and the sms gateway  

1.7 mobile application with a stand alone profile for every producer 

1.8 tracking system : integrated with the  Catherine application “rescue mobile system” and let the company be able to have a log file about the movement of the traveller in the destination ONLY in case of suspension mode, risky mode and high risky mode inside  Catherine app. 

1.9 global network between the travel destinations : give every company in the local market the global edge , interactive tools between the travel companies in different countries , big data module , access to a big segment from the outsider markets , international payments …. 

1.10 interactive B2B module between hotel and travel company 

1.11 white label service 

2.  the B2C side : 

2.1 travel profile : in one place customer will find all his travel matters , the profile is interactive with the rest of features on the platform 

2.2 Awards program integrated with the membership module : customer will find the products with pre known guaranteed discount and awards points with every purchased trip 

2.3 Rescue mobile application fully integrated with the client trip, hotels, guides, travel company and the nearby authorities . 

2.4 Shore Unit Exchange (SUE), a matching maker app. for the chalets and shore unites worldwide , works  on peer to peer basis 

2.5 mobile application : not only for spreading products but it’s totally integrated with the trip of the traveller with some smart features that could be used during the trip itself 

2.6 Catherine application : mobile rescue app. helps travellers during the trip activities in order to be always monitored during the programmed sightseeings .fully integrated with the client trip, hotels, guides, travel company, local media and the nearby authorities

2.7 a bunch of unique features : trip calendar, trip radar, trip profile, trip circle “ for a group of travel mate”, seasons and vacations module, search equaliser, travel blog … 

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Our experience, we really know what this field needs! a 15 years of experience is the needed background in order to create this platform including this innovative features : 

1- the product uploader :  meet every technical need in this industry with very simple interface but with every and all  professional features . 

2- the  (all in one ) online booking  is the first one integrated with the most important travel makers : the travel company, hotel, limo service, visa issuing, outlet and the  restaurant . 

3- the customer travel profile is unique in its features : now customer will find a smart history page for his travel experience , dynamic trip calendar integrated with all travel issues in market  AND ALSO with one click it's customized for his  old, current and upcoming personal  trips, weekends .... 

4- dynamic tourism marketing hub that works immediately from the moment of publishing the product targeting the right segmentation of customers , the hub is integrated with all social networks, travel profiles of customers, google, sms services and the email campaigns . 

5- innovated code for behaviour study of the customer inside the platform and also tracking him inside the social profiles 

6-  we use all the generated data inside the trip profile and customer profile in order to build the first traveler mobile rescue "Catherine application" : simply the application is customized into the trip of the customer and it knows "automatically"  every single detail  about his itinerary, who to call in case of emergency, how to act according to the mode of risk which the app. define it  with very smart and easy integrated actions with the traveller , the app. can even move with the action into contacting with the nearby rescue authority and the media in the location .

7- the Award program for traveller integrated with the discount program of the travel producer innovate the triptab membership : traveller can enjoy a pre known discount on the product and also recharge his membership with award points to use in the upcoming booking , the online booking of triptab made this transaction immediately  when the membership card holder make the booking , customer can always monitor the history of his EPT “earned point per trip” using his travel profile .

8- the dynamic traveler blog is connected between the both admin of triptab in the origin and the destination in order to feet the customer with all the needed article and data about the destination ,, the data her is customised to the client trip .. plus a tracking articles inside all customer based in his behaviour inside the platform 

9- the triptab traveller mobile app. is not only for publishing the travel products and make the online booking by mobile , it also has some new innovated features :

- automatically flight alarm : works instantly once the customer book his trip in both flights in origin and destination 

- online hotel checkin : customer will make his checkin once he arrive to the destination so once he enter the hotel customer will spent one minute to take his room keys 

- trip chat :  let the traveller chat with them selfs, coordinator, local guide and others instantly once they are inside the trip destination 

- the Luggage maker : the app. collect instantly from the admin in the destination all the weather forecasting during the trip period and integrate it with the sight seeing of the customer and the trip type it self “luxury, honeymoon, sport…”  in order to recommend the traveller with the needed  stuff to put inside his trip bags 

- activity centre : works with destination to update the traveller with the current activities during his trip time, also it works based on the customer experience him self so no problem when the traveller inside a trip in Barcelona and the app. give him the near Chinese food restaurant  . 

- photo booth : works during the trip integrated with the camera of the mobile , traveller will make his personal trip cards and send it from destination for all his friends, traveller will find all the made photos during the trip inside his trip profile on triptab and finally the photo booth is integrated with the social network profiles of the travellers in order to share his photo with new tools for example : photo on Facebook with information about the place where pic is made … 

- the communication centre : company will be able to communicate with its traveller during the trip in order to give him and changes or news about his trip 

10 - the next features are integrated between the travel producer and the customer/traveller :

- whole sale items : price of item is changeable according to how many people purchased this item 

- early moment items : for early bookings special prices and/or travel gifts 

- travel circle : customer can create his travel circle with this travel mates in order to plan, book, inquire and update him self with the very special tariffs for his travel circle 

- trip profile : every trip has its profile that generated automatically once a booking is made on this trip , inside the profile both company and travellers can share the needed stuff for this trip , the trip profile works before, during and after the trip and it helps people to view the other customer reviews about the trip package and also to make their “after trip report” 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

next is a description about the competitors in the market : 

based on market share of the following  competitors not on the business model 

1-   “local website collecting the trip packages in simple way with more than 10 years in the market” 



- But triptab  approach is quite different , we are building a travel CRM  not only hotel booking , that will make the travel integration between the travel maker and the client more easier 

- we are enhancing/digitising the relation between travel maker and the client by installing the technology features into the whole process 

- we are closing the circle between the travel maker and the travel seeker starting from the complex trip-products uploader ending by the complex booking and payment process for the enduser   [ so now the travel maker have the smart product uploader optimised with all typical travel  tools with very simple interface ,, from other hand customer can user the all in one booking system targeting any type of travel makers using the fully integrated payment facilities  “instalments, discounted promotions …” 

- mobile app fully integrated with the client trip   

- rescue mobile application 

- Award program integrated with the discount program of travel makers 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

we are building a platform in shape of online hub between the travel makers  ( now start by travel companies, hotels and restaurants in later phases ) and the client . 

by using our platform the company will be able to publish the whole trip package (accommodation, price tables, photos, sightseeings, transportation, ……….. , the amazing that by minimum 4 steps the trip package is online with all the needed information about this trip package 

the platform serve the travel companies  under 02 scopes of services :

1- inside the country where they are physically based and this is made in purpose to give the company all the upcoming statistics from the local market  something that will help the company in developing its domestic and outbound tourism [ the platform here take the look of insider partner and keep feeding the companies with all the events, vacations, local market insights, marketing services based on behaviour study for the local client , local payment facilities , ...... ] 

2- outside the country , targeting the outsider clients and partner travel companies in the destination “in case of producing outbound product” and the travel companies in the origin “in case of inbound tourism” 

the hotels will offer its services inside the platform based on B2B basis “rates including the companies commissions” and B2C “public rates targeting the local clients with special rates and promotions and targeting the outsiders clients also” 

all the above mentioned works dynamically inside the platform using the admin backend of each travel maker (travel company, hotel, resort, IATA booking agents , restaurant….) 

and from the other side client will have all products well displayed and categorised based on the needs of the local market and with one click client will move to the global gateway where he can enjoy the products of the rest of the world … 

our goal is to let the client book his trip after having the most wide variety available of products “trip packages, weekend excursions, hotels "only accommodation”, then the system feed the client mobile application with every single detail about his trip and here we must that the trip on client mobile is interactive trip, client will find the needed information when doing his Luggages , flight alarm in departure and return flights, hotel receptionist in destination is tracing the client arrival on his computer screen, checkin made before arrival by 5 minutes , sightseeing prepared “day by day itinerary” his favourite food type restaurants ...

go to market strategy :  “next strategy was applied in Egypt since February’15 “Beta version” until the opening Jun’15” 

- selected “launching partners” of travel companies in the market will have 3 months trial version for free in order to fill up the platform inside this local market by the needed products . 

- every new company after the launching period will have 30 days for free with some technical conditions like minimum number of products and achieving the needed performance . 

- segmented online marketing campaigns targeting the travel seekers in this local market 

- promotional membership for the customers who purchase a product from the platform  

- with the launching period we change the philosophy to pay to win :

a) special tariffs over the subscription plans for the travel makers “with 3-6 months paid”

b) the customers membership targeting the big companies with special rates and services 

- finally we cover the opening period with big online marketing campaign 

how we make money : 

1- monthly subscription and bypass commision from the travel maker "company,hotel, restaurant, outlet ... " inside every local market

2- paid membership for the end user "discount card"

3-Selling analytics data to travel partners as extra enabled features for limited time  “Big Data” 

4- traffic from website and mobile app

5- Ads and sponsorship on each platform and mobile app. 

 - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -