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The problem:

Unfavorable service quality, security, reliability, and price opaqueness involving booking household services. 1) It is difficult for users to find and reach technicians 2) Service quality involved is usually unfavorable in terms of solving the maintenance problem itself, cleanup after work, and technician's general attitude and personal hygiene 3) Users do not trust technicians they do not know well or have not been referred through close friends. 4) There is no set market price for each service and a lot of negotiations are involved as well as tips.

Our solution:

An online and call center based booking service that helps users place their orders conveniently and dispatches service providers / technicians that are well trained to provide the service at the highest levels of quality. This is achieved through: 1) Recruiting only background checked, reliable and experienced technicians 2) In-house training for all technicians on customer service best practices, work ethic, and quality standards 3) Easy booking of services through our call center, website, or Facebook page 4) Feedback calls for customer ratings and tying those to service provider compensation 5) Setting a clear pricing policy based on an hourly rate and on the value they would get out of the service 6) Strong backend operations system recording actual maintenance done, service times and customer feedback.

Target customers:

Households with males and females of ages 26-60 and living in New Cairo ( our initial neighborhood of focus). They all belong to the A and B income class. Some of them are tech savvy as we get ~5% of our orders online and most customers hear about us through Facebook. Our customers are either interested in always maintaining their houses or keep their houses unmaintained till it becomes a big inconvenience.IV.V. Business model:

We charge customers by hours of service worked. On the cost side, we hired a team of full time salaried technicians as well as outsourced technicians paid by order. Our full time technicians are paid their salaries plus performance bonus based on customer feedback. Our outsourced technicians are paid a fixed sum per order completed. For B2B contracts we charge a discounted hourly rate negotiated on a case-by-case basis.


Omar started his career in investment management and investment banking at EFG-Hermes. He moved to pursue an MBA from the Wharton school, University of Pennsylvania. He has also worked with the San Francisco based startup, SoFi, before moving back to Cairo to found FilKhedma. Omar works on all sides of the business, but focuses on marketing and operations. He works on setting the marketing strategy and get involved with execution as well as on the business development side through reaching out to potential business customers. He also works on setting the operational procedures, manages the customer service and operations team and follows up through daily reports.

Future plans:

 We have raised EGP 400k in seed funding and finalizing a US$500k round. Expansion to cover all Cairo neighborhoods within next year then to other cities in Egypt and the region.


Investment Rounds

  • Date January, 2014 | Type Seed | Source Personal