Got a Startup? Add it!


ReAble is company that builds apps and tools for people with special needs​ ​to help them better integrate into society. Our first product, the​ReAble Wallet,​ ​is an application that​ ​allows people with cognitive challenges to conduct transactions and manage their finances in a seamless and simple manner, all while keeping the guardian of the user notified of all the transactions that are taking place​ . In addition, the reable wallet can be utilized as an educational tool by parents and special needs educators to teach concepts of financial literacy​ ​that are applicable in real world situations. The ReAble Wallet, was designed with​ ​direct collaboration with therapists and Psychologists​ ​to ensure the most efficient and seamless experience for our users.

Our customer​ ​base is comprised of 35 million people that fit our target market of​ mid​ ​to functioning. Not including the other cognitive challenges that this app can cater to.