Got a Startup? Add it!


Hoodi is the neighborhood’s free private social network, designed for you and your neighbors. It fills the eminent communication gap between neighbors, allowing them to interact online, collaborate and support each other through thick and thin, thereby contributing in the greater good of society.

As you are reading this, dozens of neighbors are joining in to experience the true power of connected neighbors. Here is what they are doing on Hoodi right now:

  • Sharing useful stories and warning their next-door neighbors about potential threats.
  • Asking foodie neighbors for a nice restaurant recommendation or enquiring about a quality service provider.
  • Asking neighbors to look out for a lost dog.
  • Communicating with their building manager and getting alerted instantly in case of a fire emergency.
  • Boasting about their skills and asking neighbors for an available job.
  • Hunting for the best babysitter in town or finding a sports partner.
  • Buying and selling in the online bazaar.

In UAE, over 250 neighborhoods in 2 cities are using Hoodi to create a well-connected and caring community.