Got a Startup? Add it! is a startup based on Qatar, started in the first quarter of the year 2016. It is a productivity tool that help people to schedule meetings based on time-slots concept which is more flexible than other meetings' ordinary schedule tools that depend on a linear recurrence times. allows users to create meeting using one of its three basic meeting as following:

  1. Best time: is a suitable meeting type if you confused about what is the best date and time that is suitable for all invited attendees. Just add all the possible dates and times (time-slots) to the meeting. Invite people to select their suitable time-slots and get all these times-lots ranked based on the number of the selection
  2. Select one: is a suitable meeting type if you want to allocate people to a repeated sessions like pitching or interview sessions. just set your meeting's calendar with all possible dates and times (time-slots), invite people and let everyone of them select his/her suitable time-slot
  3. Confirm All: is suitable meeting type for an event that contains multiple dates and times like training course. In this type you create a meeting with all times and dates (time-slots) related to it, invite people and let them confirm their attendance and you will get a list of all confirmed attendees