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Bright Creations

Bright Creations is a digital agency and software house established in 2008 focusing on innovative product development and digital marketing in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the USA. 

With a team of 55 based out of Cairo and Dubai, Bright Creations has delivered over 85+ projects for startups, SMEs, multinationals and governments including the likes of Google, Porsche, Dell, H&K Strategies through to the Saudi & Dubai Governments.

From its grass roots in development, Bright Creations focuses on building great products and apps for users, through a mix of impeccable User Experience (UX), creativity, a deep technical know-how and exceptional talent in the Middle East to deliver impactful applications across mobile, IoT, web, social and ecommerce.

Bright Creations focus on product development has led to an expansion to its own startup division targeting Travel,

Retail and Employee Experience industries which are TravelBucket, Nav&Go and respectively.