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In Egypt alone there are at least 100,000 Autistic children which face, along with their families, a number of problems like finding care, which is extremely difficult and families usually experience fraud a number of times.

Training in “Learning Difficulty Centers” is expensive, one child would cost at least 60,000 EGP annually, parents live in social isolation.

Parents find it difficult to find structured information on how to enhance their child's abilities or handle daily situations.

Ta2heal intends to use tech to train the children on the skills they lack using interactive video modelling, train the parents using real-life videos of doctor and child training sessions to show parents how at-home training is achieved using personalized content for their specific child and lastly a network of specialists for offline help.

  • Our web app “Le3b” was created to give children a customizable training/educational tool that adapts and grows to their needs while being fun. Children use our video-modelling based techniques to learn Self-help, Social skills, Verbal and non-verbal communication, Facial/body expression recognition in daily situations and a lot more.
  • In sensitive issues like these parents usually – and rightfully – require the help of real life doctors and specialists in the areas their children require, understanding that need Ta2heal is also building a “network of specialists” in the field of learning difficulties making finding the help a parent needs a painless process, just get in touch with ta2heal.
  • For parents’ education and training “Tamareen” uses real-life videos of doctor and child training sessions to show parents how at-home training is achieved. This training is structured based on an established curriculum that uses individualized education plans and supports follow-ups and activity monitoring and so much more.

Soon – “Tamareen for organizations” (SaaS), organizations store their own content, assessments, records, logs and monetize by selling their own users subscriptions. 


Investment Rounds

  • Date January, 2016 | Type Seed | Source Founders