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Located in Cairo since 2011 as a software development and information service company specializing in social media analytics, Trendak offers companies a tool that enables them to generate improved customer insights and uncover people’s sentiments regarding their brands. 

Offering a fast and accurate insights on any trending topic discussed by the social media platforms we collect content from, thus help companies discover trends and brand sentiments, improve competitiveness, manage campaigns and ensure that their social media channels are on par with customer needs.

We offer a software our clients can use to understand consumers better and faster using the latest developments in semantic and sentiment analysis. Our tool supports English, French and Arabic sentiment analysis, with an algorithm tailored to mine Arabic social data with its different dialects.

Trendak uses advanced scalable technologies for data management and analytics using data mining, text and string mining algorithms and high performance computing systems.

The process of sentiment analysis involves using Big Data technologies to collect, archive, integrate from multiple social platforms in real-time.

Our main goal is to help organizations discover insights within text and convert social data into action.