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OverOTT is a software house which is offering a unique and automated solutions that makes it easy for brands and business owners to become an integral part of their customers' lifestyle, helping them build lasting loyalty and thrive in today's digital world

OverOTT is

- Providing SW development solutions based on highest technology in Mobile Apps and Big Data

- Using latest technology (Hadoop, Spark, VoltDB, Flume, in-house Analytics..etc)

- Providing system integration solutions on site or in cloud based services.

- Created social network analysis and digital marketing solutions that can:-

  • Automatically analyze all public social media information in real time
  • Solve the problem of chatting in arabic and france-arab that will widen the market segment in the middle east.
  • Conduct a very deep social users insight and analysis. 
  • Conduct targeted digital marketing campaign
  • Monitor and analyze the effect of the marketing campaign.
  • Conduct social media customer care services. Please check the link for more illustrations (