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Secure Drive Company

Secure Drive is company specialized in the development and commercialization of embedded

cars security systems.

1. Problem

• Absence/late report of car accidents happening outside cities, unpopulated areas or at

night causing deaths and serious injuries.

• Late intervention of medical emergency services.

• 72% of mortal accidents happen outside cities.

• 32% of deaths (Ministry of interior of Tunisia, 2014) in car accidents are caused by the

delay of intervention.

2. Solution

Accident GPS Assistance: AGA: An embedded hardware/software solution which offers to drivers

• Permanent cars monitoring

Automatic detection of car accidents

• Instant reporting to all emergency services

• Accelerate the intervention of medical services

3. Social Impact

• Decrease emergencies reaction time by 50% in rural areas and by 40% urban areas

• Decrease the number of serious injuries by 5% to 10%

• Decrease the number of deaths by 10% to 15% 

Our first offer will be the AGA: “Accident GPS Assistance’:

It’s an embedded system composed of a hardware part which it will be installed

into vehicles in order to guarantee the detection of accident and an assistance

part that ensures accidents reporting to the emergency and police services

AGA will be composed of three major parts:

− Kit/Hardware installation: guarantee the crash detection.

− Permanent assistance: ensure the fast reporting and intervention.

− Services after sale: check the performances of the system.