Got a Startup? Add it!


Never be bored again!

The HalaYalla app is the easiest way to find and organize any activity. Whether it’s a friendly game of soccer with friends, a local yoga class, your neighborhood book club or even a full-blown tournament. Whatever the activity you can find people to join right now or even set up your own one to invite others to!

So don’t sit around waiting for things to happen, in just a couple of taps you could be making new friends, hanging out with old ones, starting up a new hobby or taking an existing one to a new level!

With an option to keep groups and activities private or public, you have full control of who can see and join any activity you create. A private women only section provides an additional level of comfort for ladies who want the privacy.

Created specifically to take the headache out of finding something to do, the HalaYalla app’s custom design is all about one thing and one thing only, making it as easy as possible to use. Easier than Facebook, faster than Whatsapp it is the BEST option for finding or organizing events.

App Benefits & Features:

· Easily organize sports & other fun activities

· Tons of activities to choose from, or create your own

· Easily invite friends to your event through Whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter

· Designed and built in our Usability Lab in Saudi Arabia

· Latest mobile technologies to find activities nearest to you, in real time

· Live chat messages

· Find venues you never knew about

· Online venue bookings, classes & trainers coming soon!