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Zamen App

Zamen will fill the huge gap between foreign news apps and Arabic news apps. Arabic news apps if you know any are slow and throw in front of you a lot of articles that you're not interested in and most of the time they don’t display full article so it waste your time by making you open the original website and waiting for it to load.

Zamen solving this problem by understand the user reading pattern and show him the articles that he interested in, and it displays only full articles so you never have to go to the original website and wait for it to load.

Zamen fast, actually it’s 10 times faster than publisher website. We created a new technology call it “Fast Articles”, it understand every part of the websites content and convert it to a tiny format that gets saved on the cloud. We will patent this technology in the near future. "Fast Articles" is so advanced that it's the only technology that can display full articles with images and everything on your Smart Watch.

Zamen launched two months ago, right now we have 150,000 active users, we made partnerships with 37 of the biggest publishers in middle east and we talking with hundred of publisher want to get their content on Zamen.

We have plans to acquire a million users before the end of the year, support more platforms and make more partnerships with publishers. We will give Arab users a really good news app, so we can say now we have a strong Arabic FlipBoard competitor.