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Audiogram is a platform that allows users to customize and enjoy audio content from world-class publishers every time you make a call. We’re replacing the standard RingBack Tone, (which is the sound you hear when calling your friend) with a piece of useful information.

Our platform allows users to benefit from wasted time by receiving tailored audio content on their phone, automatically, in real time. So if you’re calling your friend, you will usually have to wait anywhere between 9 to 17 seconds before the person on the other line picks up the phone.

We want users to utilize this wasted time, and be able to learn something during that time, like a fact, or a new language, perhaps listen to the latest sports news, the morning weather, humor, health tips, science fun facts, quote of the day, or even a new vocab word. The possibilities are endless.

TheAudiogram is composed of two main platforms: a web application, and a mobile application. With our web app, publishers are given a dashboard where they can monitor their analytics, conversion rates, reach, and published content. When creating a new audio clip, publishers can record their voice clip, add background audio, specify their target audience, and publisher their content all without leaving the web app.

In terms of the user experience, all you have to do is download the mobile application, specify your interests, and follow your favorite publishers from every genre imaginable. In turn, every time you make a call, TheAudiogram - using our machine learning algorithm - will select  the most relevant piece of content for you to listen to in lieu of the default RingBack Tone.

The secret to our platform is the machine learning algorithm that we use to determine the most appropriate piece of content for each user to listen to. By taking into consideration a multitude of factors including demographics, behavior on the app, interests, channel you follow, current location, and even time of day, TheAudiogram can consistently provide users with the right piece of content in the right place at the right time. In addition, we cluster users based on similarities in interest, demographics, and behavior, so we can provide users with intelligent suggestions based on what similar users have enjoyed in the past. 


Investment Rounds

  • Date December, 2016 | Type Seed | Source Oasis500