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"A social lifestyle platform that connects internet users around value-based content, various products and services"

Muslimface is a social enterprise that provides an inspirational Muslim-oriented platform to behave positively so as to change the world to the best. It specifically supports the Muslims individually and collectively through connecting, developing, learning, entertaining and enabling them to contribute to the human civilization as global citizens.

As a corporate mission, Muslimface Inc. aims to be loved by Muslims and people of other faiths to make their communications more effective and finally succeed in improving their lives. So, Muslimface Inc. team set up various services and applications.  

Muslimface Education Module: 

Muslimface Education Module is a first-of-a-kind
online smart education portal, and the very first in the
world to our live streaming of classes in a fully virtual

With MuslimFace Live Stream, it has never
been easier for the world to be entertained,
educated and empowered.
Powered by next-generation media
technology, creativity, research, program
software and operational management.
 Live Stream Virtual Learning
Join our quest to promote truth, justice,
harmony, education, wisdom and peace for all
humankind, guided by the Quran’s teaching 

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