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The Qandystore Platform

The Qandystore Platform

Qandystore is a simple, online platform that allows you to build an online store without any technical skills and reach out to online customers as well as develop your brand awareness.

You have a number of ready templates to choose from and customize it according to your own logo, colours, branding and style of store.

Focusing on the Middle East, it has been built from scratch allowing us delope the entire user interface in both English (left to right) and Arabic (right to left) so that both the online seller and the end customer can experience the entire website in a language of their choice including dashboards.

You can set it up on your own web domain name or work off ours as a sub-domain.

With a low monthly cost, the aim is to market to SME's who want to venture into the online space with minimal cost. It can built in a matter of days rather than months and the cost is a lot cheaper than hiring a web developer which would cost in excess of USD 1,000 to build something similar.

Regional payment gateways are already integrated and in the local currency so that you save time and energy.

Aramex has also been pre-integrated as the logistics provider of choice.

We also assist the seller in:

- setting up the store; and

- Connecting them to photographers and social media marketers. 

In order to make the whole experience a smooth and seamless one.

The Market

The Middle East is still considered as new territory when it comes to e-commerce companies such as Namshi, Landmark, have not served the region for long and smaller retailers have yet to take advantage of this medium. MENA e-commerce is primarily limited to online banking, travel bookings and auctions. 

Online shopping in the Middle East is rapidly evolving and has grown by 1500% over the last decade, but still has plenty to go. As of now, the Middle East eCommerce market is valued at $4.9 billion and is expected to expand to $10 billion by 2018. In the UAE alone, the share of B2C eCommerce on total retail sales of goods is forecasted to triple between 2014 and 2019 (eMarketer).   

According to MasterCard, the percent of mobile and general internet users making online purchases ranges greatly, from 37% in Oman to a high of 95% in Kuwait. 

Social media has a deep penetration in the region and it shook the world when it was effectively used during Arab Spring– Jordan 88%, Egypt 79%, UAE 73%.

Our target customers are:

Boutique owners – building an online presence is a good addition as it builds brand presence, allows you to increase your sales channels without having to manage another store, allows you to showcase your goods and sell to people outside of your traditional threshold

Fashion designers – Going online provides a far reaching sales presence and distribution for fashion designers who not want the to bear the cost of renting a store.

Restaurants, QSR’s and homemade food chefs – those wishing to reach their customer audience and provide food deliveries via the net.

Service selling companies – The website is not restricted to products but can also be extended to services such as home salon or stylist services.


In conclusion, the Middle East with its traditional focus of the smaller retailers and businesses is on the cusp of an online revolution, which Qandystore is well positioned to take advantage of.

The site is up and running so do please check it out. For a sample of what can be built with it do take a look at: