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MarYouli: synonyme of " my tshirt in Tunisia dialect " is  an online shop platform for private,individuals and commercial organizations to design, buy and sell creative and personalized apparel. Each week, new designs are submitted to the MarYouli platform. 200,000 internet users, from private individuals, companies, organizations, sports teams to bands and artists, have become MarYouli shop partners.

The project was created by a young Tunisian Web Engineer, Mehdi Abassi, the spirit and the dream of MarYouli is to form the largest community of  apparel designers in the Arab world. is an online store selling and buying custom T-shirts.

the  web 2.0  e-shop website  offers  opportunity to create your own personalized t-shirt that reflects your life, your culture  with a variety of Texts, colors, patterns, logos and designs... We ensure a home delivery all over the world

"design yourself!"  with